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Minecraft Bedrock cross-play update coming to PS4

Mojang Cancels Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Update

Microsoft has announced that the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft is to be updated to the Bedrock version of the game tomorrow, putting it at feature parity with the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions. In essence, all of the console versions of the popular adventure title are effectively the same now. Console players in Minecraft have often gotten a bit of lag time on updates making the jump from PC, so this delay is to be expected. But finally, PS4 players will be able to game together with the other two leading console platforms.

The biggest change with this patch is that PS4 gamers will be able to play together online with players on the Switch and Xbox One versions without issue. This will also see the current PSN version of the game being replaced with the Bedrock executable, so the store page will update to reflect that. Also a spokesperson confirmed to Eurogamer that the new update will require PlayStation players to log in with an Xbox Live or Microsoft account—although there is no need to posses an active Xbox Live Gold subscription—a free account is fine for this game.

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Also, PS4 players will only unlock Trophies, so even if you’re playing on the same account another Minecraft installation is linked to, don’t expect to unlock any achievements for other versions of the game. Also, if you already own a disc-based version of the game, your account on PSN should be credited for a download of the Bedrock version this week.

Paring down the massive list of supported platforms for this game has been a priority for Mojang for a while now. As Minecraft gets a new resurgence in sales and popularity going into 2020, the developer has hit their stride with adding new content. Sadly, older platforms that just don’t have the processing power to handle the new content had to be left by the wayside. So it’s nice that the efforts have paid off now.


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