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Microsoft pushes TruePlay anti-cheat into Windows 10 Fall Creator Update

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Microsoft sent out its major Fall update to Windows 10 users this week, and some gamers aren’t happy. A core component of this new update revolves around an anti-cheat protection scheme called TruePlay. TruePlay runs games on Windows 10 inside of a protected data stream that prevents outside processes from directly manipulating them.

This protection seeks to eliminate common cheating techniques like memory or process injection. Windows 10 also automatically submits usage data to developers as a part of this process. So this means gamers that like to use Trainers will have a harder time of it on Windows 10.

The feature can be disabled if you don’t want your game phoning home, and affected titles will still launch, though you’ll be barred from using features like multiplayer.

Of course this only applies to UWP games, and even then only those titles developers choose to implement it with.

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