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Microsoft Announces Xbox One S All Digital Console

Xbox One

Something that we’ve been waiting for is finally here, the all-digital Xbox One S is finally coming out. The system is set to launch May 7th across multiple regions.

The new S variant also includes support for 4K visuals, and a variety of apps and optional features which gamers can install onto the console. So if you were using your Xbox as a Netflix box, you can still do that with this new version. And of course, it offers digital access to all of your games, assuming you don’t mind purchasing them from the Microsoft Store directly, as it lacks a disc drive.

Both the justifications for this new platform, and the reaction to it, have been a little murky, so I feel like it’s worth mentioning here. The new console offers plenty of access to great games, and the slight discount could potentially be a good pairing with a service like Xbox Game Pass, but those savings on a new console aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. The loss of access to used games immediately eliminates access for many budget-conscious gamers for older titles. And the limited storage and bandwidth considerations are also concerning. All in all, it feels like this console was somewhat of a knee-jerk reaction to announcements like Google Stadia and it’s streaming service, rather than an indication of genuine and widespread demand.

If you’re interested, you can check out a trailer that was released by Microsoft for the new console down below.

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