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Metamorph going core in Path of Exile 3.10

Path of Exile: Metamorph

Every few months, a new Path of Exile expansion drops, and Grinding Gear Games has to make a decision, namely what to do with the existing Challenge League. Most of the time, the mechanic from the current league is rolled into the pool of ever-expanding modifiers and it has a certain spawn chance based on the number of possible mods in a zone.

Path of Exile MetaMorph is the latest expansion to drop for the ARPG, bringing with it the Conquerors of the Atlas mini-expansion as well. Path of Exile MetaMorph brought a new boss mechanic which laid the groundwork for the 4.0 mega-expansion which will completely change the game. Hunting boss parts in POE 3.9 offered a unique and rewarding challenge for players. And it seems like GGG thinks that reward should be extended.

According to the recent announcement from the developers, Path of Exile MetaMorph is “going core” when the next expansion drops in March 2020.

With this feature going core, a few changes are coming to the game as a result. Players will now encounter the mechanics surrounding the organ harvesting and boss-building alongside the other mechanics, both in Standard League and as part of future Challenge Leagues. This means that there’s now a 10% base chance for Metamorphs to spawn in maps, with each Challenge League replacing other League spawns most of the time in the limited-time challenges.

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Catalysts, the core component of the current league, will now be dropped on each boss kill when you encounter a MetaMorph. So while you’re only getting these spawns 10% of the time, there’s a 100% chance of obtaining a Catalyst. The developer also decided to make encountering the Metamorphs easier. “We’d like there to be some form of determinism for players that want to engage with Metamorph more often than the base 10% chance. For that reason, we will be adding a set of Scarabs for Metamorph encounters.” There will also be a Sextant mod added as well.

The lowest tier of Scarabs spawns more MetaMorph monsters, the next tier also includes an extra Sample drop, the final tier adds on even more overall rewards.

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