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Marvel’s Avengers heads to Xbox Game Pass this Thursday

Crystal Dynamics has announced it’s bringing Marvel’s Avengers to Xbox Game Pass this Thursday, September 30. The game has been having trouble for a while, so maybe this is the way to bring new players into the fold.

Marvel’s Avengers didn’t have the smoothest of launches. The game ran headlong into problems in the early days, as many players felt confused about what the game was trying to be. Players just didn’t feel like the powerful heroes felt, actually powerful. The balance dance of the game ended up compromising the feel of the gameplay. Players had enough fairly quickly. And even before launch, the game got delayed as fans clearly weren’t happy.

This all led to the assumption that most had abandoned the game entirely. The hero adventure lost most of its players in just weeks. Reasons for this differ between users, but the common theme is pretty clear. The game just lacked content.

As per the Xbox Wire, the release includes all the content that’s been released so far. To help encourage new and returning players, there’s new content finally being added. The War for Wakanda expansion came out last month, and the Operation Hawkeye story content was added as well. Both were joined by a relatively light update schedule. It was originally planned for Crystal Dynamics to put out years-worth of new characters and levels. This plan really didn’t work out. the next-gen ports got pushed back as the game lost most of its players. Now with the Game Pass release, this new version will include all that new stuff.

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Marvel’s Avengers will be available on Xbox Game Pass for Console, Cloud and PC on September 30

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