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Marvel’s Avengers breaks down gameplay in new trailer

Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers has just dropped a brand new trailer, and it has quite a lot of detail packed in about the upcoming brawler title. The new action title was announced a while back, but details about the story, gameplay and other elements were all left very vague. Now though, fans finally have more details to pour over with the launch of a new trailer.

The single player campaign is one of the main draws, wherein players will draw on various powers spread across a stable of heroes to tackle numerous threats. Powers can be augmented with various items and upgrades, and your heroes can be kitted out with a full series of new gear. And yes, it means there’s a rarity-driven loot system in the game. Of course, you can unlock more powerful heroes too. Players will also be able to customize the look of their heroes in an appearance editor. As we saw previously, each character will have their own unique gameplay style, echoing the brawlers of generations past.

Taking on the various threats presented in the game, primarily as AIM forces, takes the form of Hero missions and Warzone special events. Completing these mission types pushes back the forces of evil, slowly allowing the Avengers to regain control. This slow and steady war of attrition won’t be easy though. If you do happen to get overwhelmed with content that is too difficult for you, players can “play along with friends” in co-op to take on tougher missions. This mode is still shrouded in mystery though.

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All of this ties together into the story drawn from a variety of sources. SHIELD and the Avengers are locked in a desperate struggle, as usual, but this time things are a lot more serious than usual. Kamala Khan has managed to reunite the legendary superhero team to fight back a new corporate threat, AIM. Advanced Idea Mechanics was apparently involved in the massive destruction brought upon San Fransisco, the same event which caused the Avengers to originally disband. The evil mega-corp has abused the resulting power vaccuum to take over, promising to keep the country safe with robotics.

Check it out down below. The game releases on May 15, 2020 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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