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New teaser trailer for Maid of Sker is a great Halloween treat

Maid of Sker

Developer Wales Interactive and publisher Perp Games have announced Maid of Sker. A stealth-focused horror game with some unique twists.

The story of the game follows a tale from Welsh folklore about a 19th century woman named Elizabeth Williams. You control Thomas Evans who is desperately trying to find Elizabeth, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Because the game is focused on stealth and evasion, in order to build tension, the AI and the world itself have to believable. Using 3D visuals and 4K resolution, the developers want the world to be immersive and interesting. Part of how this effect will be achieved is with a unique AI system which hunts the player based on the sound they make. As the player moves through the levels, various horrors will track you down and do unspeakable things to you, so you probably want to avoid that.

The game will mix a variety of fictional and real-life inspiration to create an immersive horror game. Co-founder and Managing Director at Wales Interactive, David Banner explains:

“We are taking inspiration from R.D. Blackmore’s 19th century novel, The Maid of Sker, and the original Welsh ballad, Y Ferch o’r Sger, but telling the story in a truly sinister way, with multiple endings that will be discovered depending on the player’s actions. Expect to play a truly terrifying survival horror that reignites one of the most haunting tales in Wales.”

Maid of Sker will be arriving sometime in Q3 2019 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game will be available in both physical and digital versions.

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