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Lychton Kondur retakes control of BRAVE, Passes HERO leadership temporarily

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In what most of us hope is the final bit of drama for HERO leadership for a while, Lychton Kondur along with a DAMN Patriot have assumed direct control over BRAVE, and kicked many of the alt corps and coup instigators from the alliance.  The change comes after a tumultuous time for the newbie alliance. the short-lived Executor Corp Nerd Panic [NPROB] was removed from Brave Collective <BRAVE>, Brave Newbies [SB00N] CEO Lychton Kondur took to Twitch to address the members of the HERO Coalition and discuss the events of the past week.

Lychton used his airtime to apologize to line members for all the drama, and made his intentions to rectify mistakes and fix issues clear.  He announced a temporary naming of SOUND exec June Ting as head of HERO while he reviewed his options and decided on a set course for the future.  Lychton then promised to sit down individually with the leaders of each of Brave’s sister-corps to discuss matters, and said that following these meetings, he would develop an action plan. That action plan will then be made available to only the CEOs, and he is looking forward to supplying the line members with ‘normally-generated drama’.

The original plan for this weekend was to formally hand over power to Malanek Askelus via live speech from Lychton.  But that plan was spoiled as apparently, some of those CEOs who initially voted Nerd Panic into power were convinced to switch their vote back to Lychton’s holding corp.  Their stated motivation was due to dissatisfaction with how the coup was handled and how they viewed the “leaders” Anna and Lquid.  The fallout from these actions is as of yet unknown, but I expect that quite a few high-profile “departures” are in store for HERO.

The first major one in the coming spate I’ve noticed is the steeping down of Dojo Head Kira Tsukimoto. If the statements I’ve heard and read about this being in response to threats and attacks against her, it’s kind of disgusting to me.  EVE already has difficulties with toxicity and non-inclusiveness in the community.  And if there are people attacking Kira for her role in the coup – regardless of if she was complicit or not- those people should be ashamed.  You can find a response to support for her here.  Another departure comes from Lorilath, who responded to the events of the coup, and the decision to leave here.

Lychton spoke with Malanek prior to this announcement and despite some confusion between the two, it seems that there is no ill-will between them.  Malanek appears to be in limbo, there have been no formal announcements as to whether he will be part of HERO in the future.  The other major subjects of Lychton’s speech were Anna and Lquid.  Lquid is considered by Lychton to be a personal friend.  As a show of good faith, Lychton called upon Lquid to reimburse the 100 Billion ISK raided from Brave’s newbie-corp coffers, immediately. It also appears that Lquid will be removed from his position.

However, the speech turned sour when Anna was addressed directly.  In a quite profane and rage laden rant, Lychton made it clear that Anna was now an “enemy of the state” if you will for BRAVE.  And is being removed from the alliance effective immediately.

An official statement as to who exactly will be leaving is expected in the coming weeks.

As a final announcement, Lychton then revealed that he would be transferring leadership of HERO Coalition to June Ting, from Of Sound Mind <SOUND> for a period of two weeks, while he puts Braves house in order and reviews the actions of Malaneks interim leadership.  It was also stated at this point that all diplomatic deals made by BRAVE/HERO under the “coup” were to be reviewed prior to being honored.  This does mean that diplomacy for HERO will be even more difficult as confidence in the organization has no doubt been shaken, at least for now.

Lychton also stated that he will be making a large number of ‘CEO alts’, in order to ‘ensure that this can never happen again’.

Following the address, Lychton spoke with TMCThis alliance mail offers a surface overview of the coming plan.

And for a bit of a palate cleanser here’s a light-hearted bit of propaganda about this new counter-coup.

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