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Today, Nulli Secunda posted the following alliance update for their members to read!

So here we go with our alliance update for the end of the Year 2014. It was a busy start of the year for us, a calm and lazy summer, and with Phoebe a really interesting time at the end.

I dont need to tell anyone that Phoebe affected Eve more than any other patch in years, and there is more to come in Januar/Februar where every Sovholding 0.0 Alliance has to adapt or die.

So lets start with….
Where we are:

Obviously we are down in south, and for the time being we plan to stay here. Russians and Init are knocking on our doors, giving us good fights, and even got some systems in Immensea. Do we care? Sure we do. Are we afraid? Please…. . Do we panic? Gosh, stop reading TMC. It’s Phoebe, you all know that traveling isn’t as easy as it used to be. We adapt. We prevail. We survive!
Now besides the moral yada yada lets look at some facts:

-We are still getting fights with stainruss even though it has slowed some

-Dreamfleet gives as good fights, but you can check by yourself that most of the time they are getting raped by us

-Init…who? Yeah they are invading immensea where noone except Gclub (and they doing a great job here) is defending atm.
So that leaves us with a 3 front war. Before Phoebe it wouldn’t be a problem to handle this. With Phoebe its much more tricky, and we have to do strategic decisions every time we have to deal with Russians/init.

Today we managed to remove every hostile tower/forces of Stainrussians out of Esoteria, and their whole offensive is on a hold. We will see if they recover from that (they will since Russians are the Undead of Eve) and what their next steps will be. We would like to use this to point out that our Fcs did a great job in the last weeks and also our numbers in fleet are rising again. Keep it up!

So what about Immensea? Well, since it is leaked anyway, we will get some assistance from the german Ally Ev0ke. They are going to deploy to immensea and will settle there for the time being. They will face Init and have to proof if they are still the fighting force they used to be or not. We welcome them and are happy to fight side by side with them.
Why we are here:

Even though its no secret, and the Leadership was informed weeks ago (before Phoebe), there seems still to be some confusion why we are actually here and whats the “big plan” behind staying here. Its simple: we are here to build up our SC/Titan fleet. We have the money for it, we have the industry, we have the space for it. HC has already numbers of how many SCs are being build right now, and believe us: our SC Fleet will be much much bigger than ever before. When we have finished our SC/titan program (this will be sooner as you may think), we will make use of it! So if you ask yourself: why do i need to join every fleet and why are we shooting Structures the whole time because Russians are running away again…..the answer is above.
We defend OUR Space!

We defend OUR Income!

We defend OUR Home!
Where do we go:

Right now we stay in our Space. We want to keep as much of our space as we can.

Since the Stain front is the weakest, we are in a good position to chose where we go.

Depending on which of our front needs attention, we will stage in different Systems. Right now it is C9N. This may change, but dont worry. Every restaging of us will not be a far trip to take.
So what will happen in the near future (1-2 month from now)?

Noone can foretell the future. We have to wait and see what CCP is going to do with the sov mechanics and Eve in general.

But we are in a good state and prepared for different scenarios. We will keep you up-to-date as good as we can.

There will be a regular update on the Alliance from now on, so this is one change you will notice right away.
So what is YOUR job right now?

Get in Fleets.

Train and get enough ISK to get a SC.

Make sure you get every fleetdoctrine fittet and ready in C9N.

Keep up the good work

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