Null Sec Alliance Drama

[LEAK] The Bastion SOTA


Another day, Another Meeting to listen too, ENJOY!

Watch live video from thebastionalliance on Twitc 


1) The Bastion left fountain last Sunday, and they will take back lost assets from Triumvirate
2) This deployment will be a lot of fun
3) Shout out to our SRP team for being very quick at replacing what is lost
4) Also, Thanks to the logi team for being around pretty much 24/7
5) Be on Jabber to find out when fleets go out
6)  Review on corporation participation
7) Promotions
8) CFC has new leadership channels
9) Join fleets to protect your space!
10) Doctrines, New Dominix fits – replace Apocs with Napocs – Onerios and capital fits have been adjusted!
11) New Doctrines are coming but not ready to be realized yet
12) Holidays are coming so be nice to each other

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