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Layers of Fear and QUBE 2 now free on Epic Store, SOMA and Costume Quest free on Halloween

Layers of Fear

We’re back again this week with another batch of free games from Epic in their ongoing effort to entice gamers to install another launcher to their PCs. This time Epic is giving out treats rather than tricks for the Halloween season. Will their siren song lure you in? find out by taking a gander at the two new free games on offer on the Epic store, Layers of Fear and QUBE 2.

Layers of Fear is one of the more interesting horror games I’ve played. Admittedly I’m not the biggest fan of horror titles or the “walking simulator” style of gameplay, but this particular Bloober Team entry is a masterclass in how to build atmosphere and tension. Following the increasingly deranged and frightening trail of clues and nonsense left by the main character is probably one of the most enjoyable descents into madness ever captured in a video game. The introduction of a beautifully immersive setting helps sell the whole experience even more, this is one horror fans will want to try out. Also, this version is the Masterpiece Edition, which comes with the Inheritance DLC bundled in for added flair.

QUBE 2 however, is much more tonally distinct experience, offering plenty of visceral and surreal horror, but in a completely different style. The first-person puzzle game takes the player on a mind-bending adventure through both the game world and their own view of the world. Toxic Games crafted this impressive and immersive sequel by taking all of the lessons from the first video game in the series and pushing it to strange new heights. The puzzle designs are stellar, even when considered without the aid of the gorgeous aesthetic. Just like the previous game though, the puzzle design is simple enough for pretty much anyone to grasp and enjoy.

Epic also announced a couple more free games which will be out on the Epic storefront in time for Halloween. These two free titles are SOMA by Frictional Games, creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and the Punumbra series, and Costume Quest from legendary developer Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions. So if you feel like sticking it out on the scariest night of the year with some free games, next week has some treats for you.

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