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Layers of Fear 2 gets spooky in new trailer, and a new dev diary

Layers Of Fear 2 Announced With Reveal Trailer

Bloober Team and Gun Media have released some more details, well technically videos, about their upcoming horror title, Layers of Fear 2.

Without spoiling anything about the first game, here’s a brief rundown. You played an increasingly disturbed painter who was attempting to create their Magnum Opus. Trouble was, everything from their own sanity to the very fabric of reality seemed to be conspiring against said creation. If you enjoy “walking simulator” style horror titles, you absolutely should play the first Layers of Fear. If you want to know more, check out our review from back in the day.

Bloober Team has released two new video snippets that showcase the newest game, and their both quite intriguing.

The first trailer reveals that we’re now in control of a new protagonist, but things are just as creepy as in the first game in the series. The creepy narration is really aided in gravity by the mysterious visuals we see. At least we now know that instead of painting and art, we’re going deep into the darkest recesses of acting and theater this time around. Though this is a pretty short teaser that doesn’t reveal much about the game, it still manages to make the new game look really cool.

The second video released is in fact a developer diary that delves deeply into the thought process of working on this latest game. And judging from the terrifying and deeply cerebral aspects that governed the experience in the first game, we can reasonably expect more of that tone and execution in Layers of Fear 2 as well.

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While working on the sequel to Layers of Fear, we aimed to preserve all that we loved about the first game,” lead designer and producer of the game Bartosz Kapron begins to explain in the dev diary. “The dark claustrophobic interiors, the shifting environments, as well as a rich multi-layered story that will hopefully make the players reflect upon the fundamental things explored in the game.”

Those who are interested can find both of those videos down below. We don’t know what the exact launch date for Layers of Fear 2 is, but we know that it should be out sometime in 2019. Platforms of choice are also a mystery, but we could hazard a guess that the second game will follow a similar spread to the first game. For context, Layers of Fear is out right now for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac.

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