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Last Year: The Nightmare has arrived

Last Year: The Nightmare is out now

Elastic Games was thrilled to unleash its new online action survival multiplayer game, Last Year: The Nightmare, on unsuspecting Discord gamers via the “First to Discord” program.

Last Year: The Nightmare, available for $29.99, tasks five players to work together in order to escape, all the while fighting off deadly killers controlled by a sixth player. In order to succeed, the five will need to work together, exploring the Nightmare and completing various objectives as they are stalked by the deadly trio of killers. The group of high-school kids are far from defenseless though, being able to arm themselves with bats, guns, and a variety of improvised tools that allow them to fight back against their aggressors. Without strategy and teamwork, however, these armaments may as well be useless, as they likely won’t survive the night.

There’s an impressive array of weapons in the game, as well as traps and other goodies. The five survivors can choose between different “classes” like a jock, nerd or other slasher flick stereotype. Each choice has their own unique skillset and the ability to craft different weapons and other needed items. The team must satisfy various challenges to overcome different hurdles and escape the Nightmare.

Last Year: The Nightmare

On the other side, a lone player controls the deadly trio that stalks the Nightmare, attempting to take down the group before they can escape. This player will need to utilize strategy and, of course, brutality, to overcome the teamwork that the group can employ and take them all out. To assist with this is the Predator Mode, in which the killer is both invisible and intangible. This mode allows the killer to set up different traps and ambush the group, emerging from the shadows or bursting through the environment to take down the teenagers. As with the group cooperating with one another, the killer, though he has monsters possessing supernatural speed and inhuman strength at his disposal, will need to utilize his cunning and malice to succeed in killing all five.

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Elastic Games also assures players that the launch was just the first step in the journey, confirming total post-launch support for their title. This will include content updates and a multiplatform release in 2019. Check out the launch trailer for the full version of the game down below. It looks pretty fun, if you’re in the mood for some spookin’.

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