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Last Oasis servers close just after launch

Last Oasis

Dockey Crew, the developer behind the new survival MMO, Last Oasis, is shutting down the servers. The game just dropped into Steam Early Access this past week on March 26th, with a bunch of people finding the game to be a total mess. According to reports, the bugs and server stability were way too much for most players, with the reviews savaging the game and its disaster of a launch.

Before you freak out, the shutdown is temporary. Last Oasis will be closed down for the next week while the developer attempts to work on the various problems. The team behind the game needs to take their time to figure this out, so the game will be down for seven days while the company goes through the code and logs for more details and to develop fixes.

The issues seem to mostly be server related, so there’s some hope that Last Oasis will be able to bounce back from this completely buggered launch. Donkey Crew has apologized for all of this, and says that gamers shouldn’t have to deal with this.

According to a short video posted by the developer, “our load testing didn’t pick this up,” and they want to find out why. The developer has also announced that they will be issuing full refunds to any and all players. And yes, anyone who played past the default Steam refund window of two hours will be eligible as well.

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