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Kingdoms of Amalur, Sonic Unleashed, and Aliens vs Predator added to Backwards Compatibility on Xbox

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The Xbox One Backward Compatibility list just got a bit longer with another handful of games added to the expanded list of older titles that now run on Xbox One hardware. This week, Microsoft announced that three new games would be added to the program, and there are some pretty interesting choices.

Leading things off we get Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, that massive RPG that was essentially a singleplayer MMO, the scope and financial burden of which sunk a game studio kicked off some infamous legal troubles for one Curt Schilling involving a $75 million loan. THQ Nordic recently acquired the rights to Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and it’s related materials, so there may even be some potential for a revival or a sequel on the horizon, only time will tell.

The next addition to the roster of backwards compatible titles is Sonic Unleashed. For those that don’t remember, this is one of the 3D Sonic The Hedgehog games that hardcore fans of the retro titles really hated. Maybe it has something to do with the WereHog transformation that Sonic undergoes in Sonic Unleashed. There may be someone out here who likes this game, so today is your day if you own an Xbox One and this game.

The final addition comes in the form of of Aliens vs. Predator, the multiplayer-focused shooter featuring the classic movie characters. The 2010 action game was really poorly received, even with three different singleplayer campaigns and lots of weapons, the actual gameplay was dull and the AI was just plain bad. At least the music and environmental design was kind of good.

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That about covers the weekly new additions to the Xbox One Backward Compatibility roster. There are currently more than 500 games for Xbox gamers to enjoy with this system, so dig through your old Xbox and Xbox 360 library and try some old games. Next week, we’ll see a few more games added too, so come back and check out the latest additions then as well.

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