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Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road details revealed

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road

Square Enix has just dropped some brand spanking new Kingdom Hearts news. Before you get too excited though, this isn’t a new expansion,  it’s a new mobile adventure, Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road. The new game focuses on some new characters and some older favorites, telling new stories along the way, blended with new gameplay elements.

The story of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road dives deep into the past. Players take on the role of Xehanort, and get to explore his dark history as a Keyblade master and what ultimately led to his destructive downfall. Square Enix teases fans by saying, What was his true path? Why did he become the seeker of darkness?” It’s up to the player to figure out the answers to these questions by picking through the past actions of this iconic character.

The gameplay itself is tailored to the mobile platforms it will be released on, with “high speed battles that use your reflexes to flick during combat.” The battle system is alike many different mobile RPG battlers, as players use a card-based system to do battle against foes in both random and story encounters.

There will also be some integration with the Kingdom Hearts: Union χ app. At various points within Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road, players can unlock a variety of Medals for use in that game, as well as other cosmetic rewards. Unlocking these rewards will unlock a variety of different options for upgrades and new items and cards within Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road.

You have to be quick though, as Square Enix has said that this effort will “only occur once for the release of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road.”  Players will also have to already be integrated with the Kingdom Hearts: Union χ app prior to the new title coming out, no new points or rewards can be tallied once the new mobile game comes out.

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Source: Square Enix

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