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Item Duplication Glitch Found for The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds Companion Gameplay

Update: The Outer Worlds 1.2 Has Apparently Patched This Bug

Dare I say it, but The Outer Worlds is the best thing Obsidian has done in a long time, possibly ever. Feel free to disagree, but you cannot really deny that this game is incredible, it’s also really difficult if you’re not used to the combat style it asks of you. Being more considerate and tactical doesn’t come naturally to everyone, some people still want to be the decked-out badass and just blow past all the competition. That’s a somewhat fitting attitude to take in a game about unchecked greed and Capitalism, but Obsidian has placed a few forms of obstacle in your way, one of which is resource scarcity. Lucky for you though, there’s a brand new item duplication exploit for The Outer Worlds that completely removes this problem.

Before I get into the exploit and show it off, a few words of warning. Obviously, this is a major blow to game balance, as the game was designed with some amount of resource scarcity in mind. But there’s an even better reason for not doing this exploit, as I personally feel like it cheapens the experience of actually playing the game. A big part of the draw in this far-future dystopia is trying to identify with the plight of the people suffering under the yoke of exploitation and indoctrination, at least for me. Having unlimited Bits cheapens the immersion of the story, diluting the overall impact of the incredible writing this game has to offer. If you’re playing a more ruthlessly greedy character, this glitch may be the perfect option for you.

You can use this exploit to create unlimited Bits, more weapon and armor parts, as well as more weapons and armor for your companions.

A few tips and warnings though:

  • Any droppable item can be duplicated with this method.
  • This works on consoles, and I would assume PC, but only PS4 and Xbox One have been confirmed so far.
  • You can duplicate multiple items by dropping stacks, although I recommend not dropping more than 30 at a time as the game can lag sometimes when you do more than that. If you do get lag spikes, traveling back to your ship then back to the Edgewater dupe spot, after selling ALL duped items, seems to unload the problem from memory and reset the lag.
  • If lag persists, dupe a single item in that same spot where the lag-inducing stack was to eliminate it. This single stack should replace the buggy one in memory.
  • If all else fails to eliminate lag, save after the steps above and go back to the main menu and reload, that seems to work even for the most extreme lag.
  • If you’re duplicating stacks, don’t drop the entire stack, always keep one in your inventory, as it sometimes can bug out and cause a hang if you don’t.
  • Only drop one item/stack at a time, the duplication does not seem to work with more than that.
  • Some items will disappear or glitch out when you reload the area, simply walk backwards and then back toward where you dropped the item to get them to respawn.
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Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to any porch or flat outdoor area in Edgewater. The easiest one to use is to head down the left-hand path from the fast travel spawn point that’s next to the Maintenance Division sign. You’re using the porch simply to be able to find the item when it has been duped, this can be done anywhere in Edgewater.
  2. Go into your inventory and drop the item(s) you wish to duplicate.
  3. Without picking up the dropped items, open your map and fast travel to Edgewater, you should respawn at the entrance.
  4. Run back to where you dropped the items, now pick them up.
  5. For the second time, open your map and fast travel to Edgewater, you should respawn at the entrance. There should now be a second set of items in that same spot in addition to the one you just picked up.
  6. You should now have twice as many items as you dropped.
  7. Rinse and repeat.

NOTE: If you just want infinite Bits, repeat the duplication glitch with a Weapon/Armor mod until you have 20-30 of that mod, then duplicate 25 or so as normal. However, for faster turnaround you can simply save and reload after performing the dupe, rather than doing the dupe over again. The item stack should spawn back where you duplicated it. Once you grab the stack, simply save and reload to spawn a new one. It works for the “junk Item” Adelaide’s Watch which you get from Adelaide when you divert power to Edgewater, and manage to convince her to be the new leader. Adelaide’s Watch is worth 2100 bits, it stacks and weighs nothing, you can get millions of bits within 10-20 minutes depending on difficulty.

You can create hundreds of item mods in rapid succession with only a single loading screen. Best to do this right next to a vendor for quick selling. Be warned though, this will cause lag, to deal with that, you should then dupe a single item in place of the stack you did the save/reload loop with, then reload the game from the main menu.

If you want a video guide, here’s that too.

Stay tuned to ISKMogul for our review of The Outer Worlds, which should be done in the next couple of days.

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