Is there EXP share in Temtem?


Being new TemTem Tamers, thousands of PC gamers hopping into the Early Access adventure have tons of questions. There’s a lot of new areas to explore and systems to learn, so there’s going to be an adjustment period. Temtem is a new adventure much like Pokémon that has you adventuring across the floating islands where you capture a variety of different Temtem to add to your squad. That squad can be trained for battle with other players and Dojo’s to earn special rewards.

The training part is where many new players seem to be stumbling a bit. Yes, you do level up Temtem through battle to make them more powerful, but PC players want to speed up that grind a bit. This process in Pokémon is pretty simple. Once players unlock the EXP share and begin grinding battles to level up their monsters, it’s pretty much just a matter of tweaking stats and building your ideal team for the challenges you’re facing. There’s one question on everyone’s mind. Is there EXP share in Temtem?

At the end of the day, no, Temtem does not have an EXP share system that’s exactly like Pokémon. There are a couple of key differences with the progenitor game though that make training your team a bit easier. The battles in Temtem are not 1v1, but 2v2. You always use two Temtem during a battle, unless you walk around with only one Temtem in your party. This means that the victor will get the EXP generated from defeating other Temtem split between the two they had out at the time.

This does mean that the first two slots in your party will need to be either filled with two lower-level Temtem, or one higher-level leading the lower-level one. The second option is preferable to some as it makes it much safer for the lower-level monster against tough enemies.

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Another option is the unique Coward’s Cloak. It’s just like the EXP Share, in most ways. Tamers would equip the Coward’s Cloak to their third Temtem, and a portion of the EXP generated by the first two in the team would be applied to the third as well. It doesn’t expand to the entire party, but it does help speed up leveling.

If you’re one of those new players in Temtem, you might be a little lost. If you’re having trouble grasping game mechanics, we have some help for you. Temtem is a monster collecting game very similar to Pokémon, so the there’s the need for a type weakness guide. There’s also a guide on the Starter Temtems. Other questions have arisen in the launch as well. Such as how you can play Temtem offline.

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