Null Sec Sov Fights

INIT. out maneuver PL and save 5 supers

INIT, using far more questionable tacticts involving a near-undeniable exploit, manage to save 5 of their supers moving through lowsec today. A PL fleet was bridged in at 0 to an INIT. cyno for 4 Nyx and 1 Aeon supercarrier spaceship vessels. As the PL Hictor and Triage Archon land, the POS password was entered throwing out the hostile HIC fleet. The cyno is in the middle of the POS with the 5 INIT. supercarriers.

INIT had to say:
[23:08:54] MagicMaestro > tad bit dissapointing isnt it [23:09:16] AEON HOLDER > sorry but ncdot had us first

and politely bid us farewell.

[23:09:41] MagicMaestro > actually [23:09:49] MagicMaestro > if you give e 5 mins ill bridge you home

This begs the question, with undoubtedly more evacuations and changes to SOV in the wake of the CFC move, what other interesting clusterfucks may be averted?

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