How to Increase Party Speed in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord

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There are many different skills in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord. As your army conquers new territory, you need to hold it. A big part of that is knowing your limits. The best things you can will often be determined by your in-game skills. Smithing is pretty important too. There are many different factors we can see in this game, and they all center on your army and its management. You need to equip and arm a kingdom’s worth of men, and it’s a lot to handle.

One of the more important things that comes with defending your territory is being able to respond quickly to threats. You need to be able to get across the map as fast as possible. If you’re trading a lot, you also need to sometimes race to get good prices on goods. This guide will show you some of the ways that you can increase your party speed in Bannerlord.

How does Party Speed in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord work?

There are a range of factors that can influence how fast (or slow) your party moves on the map. The party speed is something that can be altered in a few ways. The biggest two factors are pretty straightforward. You can use these two factors to manage the speed you move across the map, as well as the management cost of your armies. Properly keeping tabs on the way your army runs is a great way to identify weaknesses in your army makeup as well. If you find yourself getting beaten in battle a lot, it might be time to adjust equipment or army composition.

What are you carrying?

Weight reduction is the single biggest thing you can do to help improve Party Speed in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord. When considering what to carry, always try to keep food and a few extra weapons on hand, but don’t overdo it. You want to have room to pick up new drops you might want to carry back for selling. You also want to try and maximize morale by having a decent variety of food for your troops. Getting a perk like Unburdened Scouting will also reduce the penalty you get from carrying too much stuff.

Make sure to not haul around too many animals as well. Though they can be great for missions and trading, they tend to slow armies down. One more thing to consider is what kind of items you are carrying. Be sure to unload unused gear and animals at the nearest traders when you no longer need them. The low-end gear harvested after victories is best-used buying crafting mats, then using those to make better gear.

Unit Composition

The type of units that you have in your army has a major impact on how fast you move. An entire army of cavalry will speed around the world map much faster than one loaded down with infantry. If you are really interested in moving around the map fast, you’re going to want to combine a calvary-focused army with a fairly light load of food. This type of army is best used to manage a smaller empire, as you will be able to race after bandits and enemy armies without having to carry too much food.

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Also, low-quality troops have really terrible stats. Basic bandits, untrained civilians and prisoners not only have very bad equipment, they slow things down. The base speed stats for these low-tier units will bog down the majority of armies. Unless you’re strapped for cash, don’t bother fielding these basic recruits.

Secondary Considerations

Another way to control move speed is to mess with the game’s settings. When you start your campaign, you can also give yourself a movespeed bonus. On the campaign Options window, you will find a Map Movement Speed option that has options for both a 5% and a 10% bonus to player party movement speed.

You can also grab some perks to help get your army moving faster. Mount and Blade: Bannerlord has a huge array of perks you can enable to give bonuses to the stats of your army. Along with bonuses to combat, crafting and more, travel time can be reduced. Each perk has a skill requirement you must satisfy to achieve the perk. Below you will find a list of all the perks that improve Party Speed in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord.

  • Nomadic Traditions – Riding Lvl 75 – Mounted infantry increase your party speed by 30%
  • Sweeping Wind –  Riding Lvl 100 – Increase your party speed by 2%
  • Riding Horde – Riding Lvl 175 – Halves the party speed penalty for herding
  • Energetic Athletics – Lvl 175 Your party suffers 20% less speed penalty for being overburdened
  • Strong Athletics – Lvl 200 – Foot troops in your party give 5% party speed
  • Day Traveller – Scouting – Lvl 25 – 2% party speed bonus during the day time
  • Night Runner – Scouting – Lvl 25 – 5% party speed bonus during the night time
  • Pathfinder – Scouting Lvl 50 – 2%  Movement speed bonus on steppes and plains
  • Desert Born – Scouting Lvl 75 – 5% Movement speed bonus on deserts and dunes
  • Forest Kin-  Scouting Lvl 75 – If party > 75% infantry, gain 50% more speed through forests
  • Forced March – Scouting Lvl 100 – 2.5% more speed if morale is higher than 75
  • Unburdened Scouting – Lvl 100 – 20% less speed penalty from being overburdened
  • Tracker Scouting – 125 – When following a hostile party gain 2% party speed
  • Uncanny Insight – Scouting Lvl 275 – increase party speed by 0.1% for every skill point over 200
  • Sledges Medicine – Lvl 75 – Decrease wounded party speed penalty by 50%
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