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Imperator: Rome – The Pompey patch adds some extreme changes

Paradox Announces Imperator: Rome

Paradox has pushed out the newest major update to their newest grand strategy title, Imperator: Rome. The newest Pompey update brings Imperator: Rome to version 1.1, pushing out a variety of changes and optimizations to the strategy game.

Gameplay of course is getting a huge overhaul, with economic aspects like military maintenance and Stability all being changed significantly. Religion and Culture conversions are now a bit different, making them harder to exploit.

A huge amount of UI/UX reworks have dropped for the game. One bit of bade news is that minimum resolution is now set to 1080p. For some good news, the flow of various menus has been streamlined. Tooltip changes also make various sources of information clearer to the player.

A ton of unit modifiers have been tweaked, with chances for different attributes being spawn getting changed, and Paradox has also dropped in a bunch of new event triggers and targets for modders to make use of. Character-Interactions can now have province and country select targets too. Various unit lists and modifier files have been added to make organizing modded data easier are in Imperator: Rome now.

And of course, there’s a ton of bug fixes to scripts, files and other game aspects. This all should improve stability and make UI glitches less common. Multiplayer has been improved with several desync errors being resolved.

If you’re a more visual person and want a quick rundown of the patch changes, check out the overview video from Paradox down below. You can find a basic rundown under the video, or head to the official forum to see the complete patch notes.

Imperator: Rome – The Pompey Patch Notes

  • Dual Rulers: The historic second consuls of Rome and suffetes of Carthage are now represented in these republics, and a monarch’s spouse contributes to the rule of the kingdom.
  • Heritage: Nations now have traditional profiles that reflect their historic strengths, adding more differentiation between nations.
  • Naval Combat: More types of ships and new tactical options for combat, similar to those available on land.
  • Naval Range: Ships can travel a limited distance from a friendly port before suffering attrition. This attrition can be reduced by inventions.
  • Pirates: Pirates now operate from a pirate haven in a specific province. Clearing out this base will reduce pirate activity for a while. Also, pirates may now be hired as mercenaries.
  • Release Subjects: Reduce unrest by ceding limited independence to provinces that do not like your rule.
  • Province Improvements: Cities can build special projects that come with major permanent bonuses, crafting a major metropolis for your realm.
  • Stability Rework: Stability is now a 100 point scale (base of 50) with corresponding bonuses and penalties along the range.
  • New Government Interactions: Give a specific family greater power, call a War Council in times of emergency
  • Navigable Rivers: Fleets can now sail the great rivers of the region (Nile, Tigris and Euphrates) opening up new military strategies.
  • New Commander Traits: Admirals and generals earn new traits while leading forces.
  • Move Capital: Relocate your national center of power or provincial capitals.
  • New Events: New event chains, including flavor events for Rome, Italy and Carthage. New events related to military commanders and slavery.

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