Hydro 16 location in Fortnite – Collect Metal at Hydro 16

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With Week 9 going strong in Fortnite, there’s a new crop of challenges to complete. That means that players will be bumbling all over the map looking for these new challenges and trying to complete them. Some involve named landmarks while others are about collecting things. One of the simplest runs in Week 9 of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is to go Collect Metal at Hydro 16.

And because it’s not a named location on the map, it might be hard for newer players to find it. So here’s a helpful map showing you exactly where the Hydro 16 location in Fortnite is. Check out the map below.

Hydro 16 location in Fortnite -  Collect Metal at Hydro 16

As for the challenge itself, collecting metal is super easy. The whole structure is made of metal, and all you have to do is smack something with your harvesting tool until you get the requisite amount. You just need to be sure to collect the metal from the buildings, not the other junk around.

And with all of the various loot around, you have some options. It’s actually a decent idea to drop here at the start of a match to get some early weapons and resources. Although with all the players trying to complete the challenge it’s bound to be pretty busy. This is also a pretty central location, as you could head over to Lazy Lake and grab a helicopter, if you want.

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If you really need extra loot, you are close to Slurpy Swamp, Rickety Rig, and Misty Meadows, so have plenty of options for great locations to loot up. The main reason to visit Hydro 16 in Chapter 2 Season 3 is for the Week 9 challenge to collect 200 metal from the zone. Just head there and complete it at your leisure though, no rush.

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