How to work for BitLife in BitLife

How to become a CEO in BItLife

Yes, you really can work for BitLife in BitLife, very meta. Why would you do this? Mostly because it’s an achievement you can earn. And with weekly challenges popping up every week, maybe one will involve this new task. So now that you know the why, this guide will explain the how. Follow these steps to get a job working for BitLife, in BitLife.

Being a mobile app, there’s a very clear path ahead to get this job. You need to start out with pretty high smarts, other stats don’t matter too much. Get a character with high smarts and you’re ready to go. When choosing a starting location, try to land in Miami, Florida. This is where the app maker is located and gives you the best chance of getting a job there.

First though, you need to get an education. This means going to university. To meet the qualifications to work at BitLife, you need to enroll in a Computer Science degree and graduate from said degree. First you need to get through high school, make sure to spend as much time as you can studying, visiting the library and focused on school, you will need good grades for this to work. This is the reason you want higher Smarts stats, as it allows you to apply for an academic scholarship.

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If you don’t get the scholarship, try asking your in-game parents for the money, maybe you’ll get lucky. However you choose to pay, you should now focus on graduating.

After you complete the four years of university, it’s time to get gainfully employed. Go into the Occupations tab and look through the various options for the Jr. App Developer role. You may need to refresh the job listings by aging up or restarting the app to get the role to show up. One thing to be careful of is just accepting and random role when it pops up. When hunting for the Jr. App Developer roles, you need to make sure that it’s actually BitLife offering the job. When the role you want comes up, click on it. A listing will say BitLife if it’s being offered by the company.

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