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How to unlock the Santa 47 Suit in Hitman 3

Hitman 2’s Holiday Hoarders Trailer

Christmas time is here again, and that means video games are rolling out their holiday-themed events. A special version of a limited-time event for 2016 has returned to Hitman 3, to help ring in the holiday season. We’re once again getting a shot at the Santa 47 Suit, allowing 47 to look a lot more jolly. This guide covers how to unlock the Santa 47 Suit as one of many different costumes you can use for 47.

The key to unlocking the suit is to complete the returning Holiday Hoarders mission. This multi-step mission is built around taking Agent 47 around the map and completing a series of challenges called ‘Tis the Season. Holiday Hoarders is the same as it was in 2016, when it was first introduced, for the most part.

It takes place in a Christmas-themed version of The Showstopper. So knowing this map will help you out here. There are two targets to take down, and they’re in different sections of the map. Like any other limited target, the other will go into lockdown if you mess up the timing, so be careful. The revamped Paris map is filled with holiday cheer and unique enemy layouts, so you may have to plan ahead a fair bit.

You can actually look below and find a video that lays out how to finish all these challenges.

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