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J. Jonah Jameson is back with his usual hatred for Spider-Man. The news icon still has a podcast too, just like he did with the PS4 version of Spider-Man back in 2018. And some players may find it a bit grating, and wish to turn it off. Or maybe you miss his angry rants and want that backdrop back as you swing through the city. Either way, here’s how to toggle podcasts in Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

How to Enable/Disable Podcasts

To toggle podcasts in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, all you have to do is press Options on the PS4/PS5 controller to bring up the pause menu, you then want to select Settings, then Audio. At the very bottom of the Audio menu is a selection for turning the podcasts on or off. You actually have two options as well, in the new PS5 version of the game.

Each podcast is a separate option in the Audio menu, so you can choose between either one, or even none of them. If you want to turn off Just the Facts and listen to something more supportive, go for the new podcast. Wait, new podcast you say?

The Just the Facts podcast starring the angry J-man is back from 2018, but it has some new competition. If you don’t like listening to the web slinger getting berated by a nonsensical foe, you can instead tune into the Danikast podcast by blogger Danika Hart. Danika Hart is positive about Spider-Man’s heroic deeds; she gives him praise at every chance, it’s basically the polar opposite to Jameson’s offering of constant derision.

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You can also turn both podcasts off and just listen to the game’s sound as intended. If you want to listen to the cacophony that is the big city while slinging around, that certainly is an option. Just turn both options off in the Audio menu and off you go into the wilds of the night.

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