How to toggle assists in WRC 10

Guide to assists in WRC 10

Being modeled after the intense and gritty FIA World Rally Championship, WRC 10 takes things to the extreme. Players will have to learn how to handle many different types of driving conditions. The new game features dozens of cars and new tracks to explore. Players can find a lot of fun under the hood in WRC 10. Though the game looks gorgeous, it can be a lot to learn. And if you’re having problems keeping on your line, there are ways to help. Here’s a guide on the types of assists in WRC 10.

When you’re just getting behind the wheel, it can be pretty daunting. The newer drivers will be kind of nervous to go wide on turns or spin-out, so they tend to take it easy. To take the sting out of losing control, things will get much easier if you turn on these assists. These settings are designed to mimic safety features in real cars, really by just limiting the impact of bad driving.

So first, let’s talk about what kind of things Nacon and developer KT Racing have included to accomplish this.

What are the assists in WRC 10?

Some of these are more useful than others.

  • ABS (Anti-lock braking system) – Take longer to break, but maintain better control in corners.
  • TCS (Traction Control System) – Reduced engine power to maintain better stability.
  • Starting assist – Controls your launch for you so you don’t cross the start line too early.
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When you want to turn a setting above on or off, here’s how. WRC 9 players will note that the process is very similar. When you first start up the game, you’re prompted to go through a tutorial phase. The game will ask you if you want to turn on the driving assist features during this moment. If you’re new, it can’t hurt to try them out.

Based on how perform during test drives, the game will also prompt you to use certain features based on what your driving is like.

When you want to toggle one, open the Options menu and select Gameplay Settings. The listing here will show all three of the main assists. You can choose to enable or disable the game’s three different assists: Anti-lock braking system, Traction Control system, and the Starting assist. Scroll to each option you wish to toggle and press A for Xbox, or X for PlayStation to toggle them.

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