How to swap secondary weapons in Everspace 2

Everspace 2 Has Over 100 Ships

Secondary weapons in Everspace 2 are a big part of arming your ship for combat. Sure, those primary blasters and missiles get the job done, but sometimes you need something special. That’s where the more focused and specialized weapon classes come in. Everspace 2, even in Early Access is a very complex game, so you will not doubt want to swap things around. Here’s how to change your loadout.

Remember, be sure to gather what intelligence you can before rushing off to missions. Descriptions and various UI elements can clue you into the danger faced in a new area, pay attention. Don’t forget to check the stats of your new weapons and other items as well, something may be much more powerful than what you were using previously.

Your initial starting Secondary Weapon in Everspace 2 is the Homing Missile Launcher. It’s not bad for taking on the weaker foes in packs, but it lacks punch against tankier enemies. Another downside is that it only has 15 shots before you need to return to base and rearm when using it. That means you need to be very sparing with what targets you engage with it.

You could also swap secondary weapons in Everspace 2 if you don’t like what you have, here’s how.

Assuming you’re using default controls, you can press R on the keyboard to swap weapons. If you’re on a controller-based setup, use Right on the D-pad to swap things around. Whatever loadout you use, you can carry two different secondary weapons at one time. You can swap between them on the fly, say if one runs out of ammo during a fight.

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There are tons of different weapons in the game and not just Secondary types either. Feel free to experiment with what you find and try it out one some weaker foes first. If you find something you really like, you can also upgrade some types of weapons to make your starship better in combat. And it’s a very good idea to not just focus on stats. Sure, one weapon might deal huge DPS but have terrible time-to-target, making it annoying to use. You need to consider what feels fun to play aside from just the stats.

If you’re having trouble with Everspace 2, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some fresh new guides. For example, there’s a mission to break up a hardened ore patch early on that’s confusing some folks.

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