How to start the Fasnacht Day event in Fallout 76

How to start the Fasnacht Day event in Fallout 76

The Fasnacht Day event in Fallout 76 is back again. The event will run now until June 9. The game has been having some issues with stability over the last bit, so Bethesda made an interesting call. Developer Bethesda has made the call to allow the event to run for a bit longer than planned. Players can take part in this event to earn various cosmetic rewards and other goodies.

Fallout 76 has placed some new NPCs around the place to kick off the event. You will find the Fasnacht Day event NPCs in Helvetia. Head to the center of town where the two bridges meet. Speak to the Master of Ceremonies to begin. This NPC will be your contact point throughout the Fasnacht Day event in Fallout 76. The robot will give you some clues about where to go.

The parade has a bunch of precursor tasks that you need to complete as well. Completing these is required to progress the questline. These tasks include:

  • Exterminating honey beasts attacking the Honey Haus
  • Bringing old Fasnacht steins to the museum
  • Play some music onstage
  • Decorating the barn
  • Adding wood to the bonfire
  • Donating radtoad eggs to the pantry
  • Donating intestines from animals to the Butcher’s Cooler
  • Donating beeswax from the Honey Haus to the Candlemaker
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You don’t need to complete all of these though, just five of them. Good news is that players can cooperate with each other to complete tasks, cool. Once that’s done, head back to the area surrounding the Master of Ceremonies. You will likely see other players lingering around the area, so just head to where they’re all congregating. So once you get back, you need to spawn your own instance of the parade.

You will have to fight your way through an enemy attack as a result of this parade. The Master of Ceremonies will call you back once the last enemy goes down. You can then take your spoils at the bonfire at the center of town.

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