How to Start a Fire in Green Hell

How to Start a Fire in Green Hell

Green Hell being a survival game brings all the typical trappings to the gameplay. You will need to find and cook food, and that means fire. These jungle environs are not too hospitable, so you want to find a way to light your path to survival. With that in mind, here’s what you need to do to make a fire in Green Hell.

Since the crafting menu that comes with all games in this genre is in Green Hell as well, the steps are pretty simple. You need to gather sticks and process them. You can find small sticks and sticks dotted around the jungle floor. You can also get them by cutting down small trees with any tool, and then further processing them into small sticks. You need six small sticks and seven sticks to make the basic fire.

Once you have the campfire built and placed, it’s time to light it. That means you need kindling, and a few other things. To gather kindling, you need find both dry leaves or a bird’s nest. Once you have that, you should be ready to begin, but you need one final piece. The last thing you need is a hand drill. Craft one of those by using a stick and a small stick with the proper recipe in the crafting menu.

Now you need to take these tools and stand next to the unlit fire. You need to open the backpack tab from your inventory menu for starters. From there, bring up the backpack menu with the relevant key and then select your hand drill to prep it for use. Then, select kindling from your inventory to combine it with the hand drill. The animation should play and you will have a lit fire. And that’s how you light a fire in Green Hell.

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