How to slide in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

All Milestone quests and challenges in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

The new season for Fortnite is here. The Foundation is still causing chaos, what with flipping the island in Chapter 2. The Foundation has returned to Fortnite, and there are sure to be challenges around finding them over Chapter 3. Things are sure to get chaotic. There will surely be weekly challenges to contend with. And with all of the new competition, players need every tool in their arsenal to survive. Things are heating up, and we have a new way to dodge bullets and traps. That’s because you can now slide in Fortnite Chapter 3.

The key you use will vary based on your control scheme. PC players have it easiest when using mouse and keyboard, as CTRL is the default button there. Console players will have to work with it depending on their control scheme. If you’re on the Old School or Quick Builder setup, you need to use the left bumper button on your control to slide. Anyone on the Combat Pro or Builder Pro scheme has to hold down the right analog stick.

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One quirk with the slide in Fortnite is that it is based on momentum. To use it properly you need to build up speed. So before sliding, you have to be running or jumping, then hit the button. The slide can be done at any time, but if you’re just standing still on flat ground, it won’t carry you very far.

There are plenty of other new mechanics to be found in Fortnite Chapter 3. Players can now go camping, and harvest healing and crafting items from the land. This will allow for some interesting clutch moves. The camping and tents also tie into the Milestones for this season. So get out there and explore to see what you can find.

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