How to skip tutorials in Gran Turismo 7?

How to customize your driving gear in Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 is taking everything to 11. Ever since the first PlayStation release all those years ago, supping up your cars has been a big part of succeeding in races. And now that the franchise has come to the PS5, things are heating up. Not only can you change and alter the look and cosmetic parts of your car with thousands of paint colors and more, but there’s so much under the hood to be done. Beyond just making your cars faster, you will need to tune the UI and gameplay experience to your liking

There are actually a ton of options and new systems in the game. Gran Turismo 7 has a pretty robust tutorial system to help acclimatize you to these elements as well. But maybe you’re not so new to the franchise, and don’t need as much hand-holding.

How to skip tutorials in Gran Turismo 7?

The opening tutorials are pretty dull. The game is trying to throw a lot of material and systems at the player. And given that Playtronics is trying to create the illusion of a living world built around a social media imitation, there’s a lot of fluff. Everything from earning licenses to getting new cars has some convoluted process and dressed-up feature around it. It’s a lot to navigate for new players. But if you’re the kind of person to beat their skull against mechanics until you figure it out, you can do that here too. If you’d rather skip these mostly unnecessary tutorials, then there is a way. On the World Map screen, either click on the GT logo in the top-left corner.

This will open up the Options Menu. You may also use the Options button under the GT Menu when pressing Start to get here as well. From there, choose the Global tab, and then scroll down. Scroll down to Text Settings and set “Skip Conversations Using Cancel” to On. This will allow you to skip conversations and tutorial prompts by holding down Circle. This is much faster than mashing X to skip prompts. This is the best and fastest way to skip tutorials in Gran Turismo 7.

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