How to set a skeleton on fire in Sea of Thieves

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Fire is not usually your friend in games, although there are some exceptions where you can jump in and weaponize it. When you do get to do that, you can wreak some real havoc. With a video game like Sea of Thieves, there’s plenty of potential for fire and explosions. With all of the cannons and other explosive nonsense to be found, there’s a lot more fun to be had. There’s even more of a reason to do this though, as there are challenges in Sea of Thieves that involve lighting things on fire.

To set things on fire might seem like a bad idea, but there are some cases where fire can be your friend on the high seas. Many times, you want to avoid getting lit aflame, but with some enemies, such as the skeletons, you will find that fire is a friend. There are multiple ways to set a skeleton on fire in Sea of Thieves. And each one of them is pretty useful and fun.

Cannons can fire Firebomb Cannonballs, which detonate in a massive fireball, and light things on fire. These can be carried off the ship as well, so you can take them on voyages with friends as well. To use them without a cannon, you can simply toss it near an enemy and shoot it. Be clear of the blast when you do this though, as it can easily take you out as well.

Another way to light them on fire is to use an Ashen Winds Skull. This item is a reward for completing the Legendary Stash of Powder and Arms voyage. You need to finish the first phase to get this thing. You can either trade the skull in to the target faction, or use it in battle. But if you do that, you will lose out on some of the rewards. Once you’re finished with it, turn it in to an emissary.

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Another option is using the Chest of Rage to set a skeleton on fire. This wondrous bit of magic will explode if not kept cool, so you need to keep it nearby to water to keep it from blasting you to bits. That’s a good thing if you want to blow up some folks for fun, or maybe to complete a challenge.

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