How to Send Pikmin on Expedition in Pikmin Bloom

How to Send Pikmin on Expedition in Pikmin Bloom

Niantic has released another tie-in game that brings another popular gaming franchise to mobile devices. Players around the globe are getting their hands on another Nintendo property, Pikmin Bloom. Gather flowers and fruits with these adorable little pals, all while you explore the world around you. Styled after the success of Pokémon Go, players can gather new Pikmin, and even send them on adventures.

These adventures are called Expeditions, and they can be very useful. You could find some rare loot or other special rewards. Here’s how to send Pikmin on an Expedition in Pikmin Bloom.

How to Send Pikmin on Expedition in Pikmin Bloom

You can launch multiple expeditions in the game, but you have to wait for the timer to run out to collect the rewards. The process is fairly simple once you understand it. You just need to go into the menu to get it done. It’s very simple to do this, you just need to follow the steps below.

  • Open the main menu and look at the overworld.
  • Select the Steps button on the main menu.
  • Scroll over to find the Expeditions tab, click on that.
  • You will now be presented with various options for stuff to send your Pikmin to hunt for.
  • When you pick the item you want to get, you then need to pick the Pikmin to send.
  • Each Expedition in Pikmin Bloom requires a certain amount of Pikmin to be sent on it.
  • After the timer runs out, you get your reward and your Pikmin back.
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So that’s really all there is to it. Just open the right menu and get going. Once you select your Expedition, you pick the buddies you want to send, and let them go out and come back.

It doesn’t appear to matter what kind of Pikmin you send, just let them do their thing. The one thing to remember is that you can speed up each Expedition by sending more. There is a cap for each one. So you can get the maximum timer reduction by sending 6 Pikmin on a mission that has a cap of 6.

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