How to report a co-worker to HR in BitLife

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If you’re trying to complete the Karen Challenge, you might be having trouble with some tasks. So let’s talk about one of the harder tasks in the list, filing a valid report to HR in BitLife. To report someone to HR, you need a reason for it. That often means you need enemies at work. Making enemies is easy, you just need to lower a relationship to the point where they dislike you. This can happen naturally, but is best done through other means that force the issue.

You need to do these steps to complete the Karen Challenge in BitLife:

  • Be born a female named Karen
  • Own a minivan
  • Make 10+ reports to HR
  • File 5+ lawsuits
  • Start rumors about 10+ enemies

There’s no direct way to report to your HR department, so you need to force it. When you talk to someone who dislikes you, they may insult or attack you, depending on how much they hate you. You really want them to insult you rather than another option. Make an enemy of someone and then just wait.

Just like anything else in this mobile game, the results can be very random. Be careful though, if more and more people hate you, they’re eventually going to attack you. Having a fight at work might give you an easy report to HR in the game, or even a lawsuit, but it’s not going to end well all the time. You could be seriously injured if you’re not careful. It’s better to go the route of pranking your coworker, rather than trying to insult or fight them. This will make it so they dislike you and are likely to do something similar in retaliation. This gives you a free report to HR in BitLife without having to risk a fight or other issues.

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There is a possibility you can spam this trick, but be careful. You need to have a few friends at work, preferably a higher-up, to back you up. If you make everyone at work hate you, you’re likely to get fired or worse. That’s because people that hate you are more likely to attack you. If you have a bunch of people trying to fight you, it’s not going to be easy to live your life.

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