How to Raise Your Charm Skill in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord

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There are many different skills in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord. As your army conquers new territory, you need to hold it. A big part of that is knowing your limits. The best things you can will often be determined by your in-game skills. Smithing is pretty important too. After all, you need weapons to go to war with. But there are other skills you need to level as well.  To grow your army and build the necessary relations with other factions, you need to increase your Charm Skill.

Charm is one of the 18 skills in the game, with its own effects. As you get better at, the more likely your diplomacy efforts are to succeed.

How to Raise Your Charm Skill in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord

There are two primary ways to raise your Charm Skill in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord. The skill description gives you many different options. Having a high score here can make it much easier to convince factions to do what you want.

A simple way to raise charm in the early game is to barter. When you want to initiate a barter in Bannerlord, approach a lord from the main map. You cannot do this with any factions you are at war with. When you do trigger it, trade them for some goods and this will offer a small boost to level up your skills. When you find a noble on the map, go for the option that says “There is something I’d like to discuss“. Then, you want to pick the choice that says “I have a proposal which may benefit us both“. From here you can trade with that lord.

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You could also just gift them a sum of cash and you will gain a small amount of positive skill progression

One of the best ways to gain easy charm experience in Bannerlord is to participate in the running of the kingdom. Clans will often squabble over positions within the kingdom, culminating in elections for certain positions. Taking part in these elections and spending Influence can be a good way to help yourself out. Spending Influnece on relations raises NPC relations and can increase Charm skill levels.

One trick to level up your charm skill fast

There is one way to make this go faster. Players can gain charm skill from a variety of sources, but one works pretty well into late game. If you find the interactions with nobles and bartering not giving you enough return, try this. You can gain charm points anytime you release an army you’ve defeated in battle. When you win a fight, you will have the option of taking prisoners. instead, just set them free when given the choice. You will gain some charm, as well as some relations with their faction.

This is best done when you have a sizable army and a few relations you want to improve. It’s generally a good idea to always have some enemies on the map so you have someone to go to war with.

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