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How To Quickly Catch Rare Servofish in Warframe

How to get Hydroid in Warframe

Nora Night loves fishing. She often issues tasks as part of Nightwave acts to catch rare servofish. Servofish live in pools of liquid on Orb Valis, Venus. These various “fish” are actually autonomous machines that the Corpus use to fulfill various functions. Each one can be found in a certain body of water and during certain weather cycles.

There are very common varieties of servofish, but Nora only wants the rare variants. So here are the best ways to grab the various rare servofish on Orb Valis.

What Is A Rare Servofish?

Each of the weather patterns affects the spawns of servofish within the map. The rare servofish in Warframe comes in three varieties within the most common spawn points. There are more different types of fish, and we broke those down below.

  • The following fish are found in caves with active bodies of water found in Orb Vallis:
    • Scrubber (common in cold and warm weather)
    • Mirewinder (common in cold and warm weather)
    • Charamote (rare in cold and warm weather, Charamote Bait)
    • Synathid (rare in cold and warm weather, Synathid Bait)

How To Catch Rare Servofish

The bait isn’t absolutely necessary, but it does really help with spawn and catch rates of the rare servofish in Warframe. You can buy the bait from The Business in Fortuna if you have the rank of “Doer”. You will need to grind out some Standing to purchase the Shockspear you need to catch most fish on Orb Valis anyway. Although in a pinch, you can use the Tulok Spear you get from the Plains of Eidolon, and it will catch most fish on Orb Valis.

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Having the Shockspear and the right bait for the fish you’re trying to catch will cost a fair chunk of Standing, but it’s well worth it. There are types of bait for each of the rare fish, and Broad-Spectrum and Narrow-Spectrum baits will work for most common and uncommon spawns.

Your target is the small cave just north of the Coolant Rservoir. Luminous Dye is really helpful here, as this cave is kind of dark. There’s a small rock outcropping in the middle of the water, just jump over on to that and raise your spear to see the fish. You shouldn’t have much trouble seeing the fish without the Dye, but it can help.

You do have to get kind of lucky with rare spawns though. Sometimes you will get multiple Charamote spawns in a few minutes, sometimes you can go an entire run without seeing a single one. It appears that having a Smeeta Kavat with you will double the catch when their luck is working, but a Resource Booster will not count towards the spawns of the fish you have already.

The Shockspear is a unique spear when fishing in Warframe, as you have to use it as a timed trigger. When you throw the Shockspear like the normal fishing spears, a meter will appear. There is a moving bar with a red portion. The key with catching rare fish in one shot is to land the marker in the red bit of the bar with the second click of your mouse/controller.

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