How to perfectly cook fish, shark, Kraken and Megalodon in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Cooking Guide

Cooking in Sea of Thieves is pretty simple, but it has a fair few important rewards tied to it. Anytime you catch a fish in the game, you can turn it in for a flat reward at Hunter’s Call. This is a simple and peaceful way to earn reputation in the game, but there’s a trick to it. Take that fish and slap it into a pan and cook it. That same cooked fish is now worth much more as a reward. There are multiple types of fish, with some being harder to get than others. Kraken and Megalodon are rather rare, so you want the full impact from cooking them.

The shark, Kraken, or Megalodon meat are cooked with basically the same approach so it isn’t too hard to learn. You take a pan or a campfire and cook the fish. The trick is that each type of fish in the game cooks at different rates and the optimal reward is tied to how well the fish is cooked. Too raw or overdone and the turn-in won’t be worth as much.

Cooking Fish and Shark

The simple meat chunks and basic fish and sharks are pretty easy to cook. For whole fish, you need to watch the eyes. The color will also change of course. There are also some tell-tale sounds that play throughout the cooking process. The final thing to keep in mind is the size of the fish. Average fish and shark meat require at least 40 seconds in the pan, whereas trophy fish, which are larger versions of the regular fish and glow in the dark, take about 90 seconds. Do not cook them for more than 80 and 180 seconds, respectively. If you do they will burn and be useless.

Cooking Kraken and Megalodon

This is the real prize of fishing and cooking in Sea of Thieves. The Kraken and Megalodon need to be hunted down and taken out like the bosses they are, then you need to hop into the water and claim some chunks from the two beasts of the deep. These chunks are what you want to cook. Keep in mind that Kraken and Megalodon take much longer to cook though. For either kind, you will want to cook it at least two minutes, but not longer than four minutes.

Actually getting the timing down is pretty tough, and is very much reliant on how well you track visual changes in your dish. Try cooking a few chunks of shark or small fish first to get a feel for the look of it. The times will vary a bit between each piece, and some players may notice some different times.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the perfectly cooked times observed for each type of meat:

  • Fish = 45 seconds
  • Meat (chicken, snake, pork, shark) = 65 seconds
  • Trophy Fish = 95 seconds
  • Kraken = 100 seconds
  • Megalodon = 100 seconds

Once you have the food cooked, find a Hunter’s Call merchant. These merchants are found at Seaposts scattered throughout Sea of Thieves. Approach them with the food in hand to sell it.

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