How to marry a sugar daddy in BitLife

Bitlife Movie Update

With the recent addition of new DLC, new content has been added to BitLife. Life paths in the digital life sim got really glamorous with previous updates, but this one’s a bit more debaucherous. The new updates have added the ability to sort out your dating life based on preferences, which means the developer is taking advantage of that in new challenges. One of the new challenges this year involves marrying a sugar daddy. For those not in the know, that means someone marrying someone else who has a lot of money. The sugar daddy is basically paying for the companionship of the former, and it’s certainly a way to live one’s life. Here’s how to get this task done and find your own sugar daddy.

Previous challenges have taught you how to become rich and famous with a musical career, among many other life paths, but this update is a bit weirder.

How to marry a sugar daddy in BitLife

Finding a sugar daddy in BitLife is a pretty easy process once you know how to do it, it just takes some time, and a little luck.

The first thing to do is to prep for finding the “love” of your life. Here’s how to use the dating app in-game to find a sugar daddy:

  • Get through the game with a female character until you get to age 18
  • Open the Dating App in the relationships tab.
  • Start dating by heading into the dating app, then choose your Preferences: set them to age 60 or higher, as well as wealth of more than $600K.
  • Sort through the options and find someone you want to marry,
  • Keep dating them until you can ask them to marry you, they may also ask to marry you first.

When you’re hunting for a rich husband, you need to know how to check if you found the right person or not. It’s a bit of a frustrating exercise in RNG, which is saying something with this RNG-heavy game. When you use the Find Love option in the Relationships tab, you will be given options to go on dates. When you start dating someone, they will show up in your Relationships tab as well. Click on their name to bring up their profile and check their net worth. That’s where the issue of RNG comes in, as this process can take a few tries.

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The other problem is that rich people often won’t want to marry someone that’s too poor. It does help to marry someone with a lot of money if you’re also wealthy. If you try to force through a marriage without doing this, there’s a good chance your new spouse will turn the marriage down. Also, you could ask for a prenuptial agreement that allows them to take half your cash if you split up. If you’re ever playing a rich character and someone asks for a prenup, be wary of the future with that person.

It’s best to get wealthy either via a highly educated job, or being famous. Famous is a lot easier to obtain without an education, faster too. Trouble is, it takes a lot more RNG going your way to make it work. Either way, you can choose any path to money you like.

Once your character has a sugar daddy, take advantage of their money and spend it as you see fit. However, there’s one thing to be aware of. You will sometimes get random events about your new spouse being angry about you spending too much money. But unless you’re doing a challenge that says you can’t get divorced, you don’t really have to worry about it.

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