How to manage Crisis Level in Stellaris

What do Crisis Levels in Stellaris Nemesis do?

The Stellaris Nemesis DLC is out today, adding another set of options for players to fool around with on their way to galactic domination. The new DLC is all about expanding the diplomacy and warfare options in the already expansive 4X game with new choices It’s all about making a cold war for some players, and for others, it’s going to be more about having a full-on slobber knocker of a brawl. The Stellaris Nemesis DLC offers a few key changes to the game’s endgame as well.

The addition of the ability to become the Crisis Event is pretty cool. Players can now become the endgame crisis of their own little galaxy. This new system is an optional addon to the existing endgame scenarios, so you don’t need to worry about it if you don’t want to take that task on . You don’t have to engage with the new system if you don’t want to. If you do, the AI empires will all turn against you, and you need to take them down. Either you can subjugate them, or destroy them outright.

The basic premise to become the Crisis in Stellaris Nemesis is to take a specific Ascension Perk once you have the requirements fulfilled. Once you do that, you now have to manage your Crisis Level. Here’s what to do.

How to Increase Crisis Level

When playing the game normally, this isn’t something you need to worry about, just to be clear. But once you trigger that player-controlled endgame crisis, you need to start building and defending the ultimate superweapon. That means every AI empire is about to turn on you, and you will need to begin purging or taking them over to stay alive.

As you go up in the tiers of the new Menace system, you gain various bonuses. Here are the actions in-game that push you further up that track.

  • Be in Breach of Galacity Community law
  • Conquer worlds
  • Destroy empires
  • Destroy enemy ships
  • Destroy starbases
  • Destroy worlds
  • Perform Disruptive operations
  • Purge or assimilate populations
  • Retain vassals
  • Vassalize empires
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Complete these tasks once you have converted over to the endgame crisis and your Crisis Level will increase. As you move up the tiers, you gain a bunch of bonuses to your stats and ships. Keep in mind that as you get more threatening the AI empires will pour more concerted efforts into countering you. You will need to take advantage of all of your fleet bonuses to keep ships churning out. Expect to have the churn and burn quite a few cheap systems to defend the economic cores of your empire.

All Crisis Levels

These are all of the Crisis Levels you can reach as the Crisis in Stellaris Nemesis.

  • Level 1 (Menace)
    • Gain access to Menace objectives
    • Purge unlocks as a policy option, and your population purge speed increases by 500%
    • You gain intimidation and subjugation acceptance is increased by 25.
  • Level 2 (Threat)
    • Unlock access to Menacing Corvette
    • Increase your damage against starbases by 30%
    • Your war exhaustion gain decreases by 75%
  • Level 3 (Peril)
    • Unlock access to Menacing Destroyer
    • Ship build speed increase by 50%
    • Orbital Bombardment damage increases by 20%
    • Your menacing Corvette’s evasion increases by 15% and their disengage chance increases by 50%
  • Level 4 (Galactic Nemesis)
    • Unlock access to Menacing Cruiser
    • Ship weapons damage increases by 50%
    • Menacing Destroyer tracking increases by 30%
  • Level 5 (Existential Threat)
    • Unlock access to megastructure Aetherophasic Engine Frame
    • Unlock the Star-Eater ship
    • Increases your Menacing Crusier hull points by 30%
    • Ship upkeep decreases by 30%

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