How to make Truffle Oil in Stardew Valley

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When you want to make money to upkeep that new farm you inherited, Stardew Valley starts to feel more like a chore, although there are plenty of ways to deal with that. Some items can be crafted to help quite a bit. In this guide, we’ll show you how to make Truffle Oil in Stardew Valley to help offset those costs. Here’s how to get started.

You need to reach Farming Level 8 to unlock Truffles and the Oil Maker. These are both key to actually making the item.

Truffle Oil can be really useful for both cooks and traders. You can use it to spice up a few different recipes, or sell it for a big bundle of coins. The basic quality Oil will sell for at least 625 G per unit. Higher quality yields can sell for upwards of 1,000 G a pop. That makes this a much better prospect for making money than just using pigs to gather Truffles to sell.  Normal Truffles only sell for a few hundred bucks.

How to Make Truffle Oil

To make Truffle Oil in Stardew Valley, you need a few things. You need to get the Oil Maker going first. You then need to grow Truffles, and take the time to process them. Like all other crafting processes of this kind in the game, it is automated, but slow. To start, gather the following resources to make the oil maker in the game:

  • 50 Slime
  • 20 Hardwood
  • One Goldbar

The Slime is the hardest part, but you should be able to make a few of the crafting items quite early in the game if you spend time in the Mines. Once you have the Oil maker built, you can use it to start making Truffle Oil. To begin, just interact with the Oil Maker once it’s placed and choose Truffle Oil from the options of what you can craft. Place the grown Truffles into the maker and let it do its thing.

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It will take around five or six hours for the process to complete. If you take the time to set Truffle Oil going first thing in the morning, it should be done by the end of the day. That means you can wrap up your day by selling off your oil, all made in one day. Of course, that doesn’t count the time gathering the actual truffles.

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