How to make Pearlescent, Ochre, and Verdant Froglights in Minecraft

Guide to Frogs in Minecraft

Frogs already lept into Minecraft previously, and now they’ve been updated in the 1.19 Wild update. They also included a bunch of new items in the update, such as Froglights in Minecraft. These special items are drops directly from the frogs, but they take a bit of work to get. Here is how to make Pearlescent, Ochre, or Verdant Froglights in Minecraft.

To get the froglights, first you need to get frogs. Each frog in Minecraft has its own color, and the type of biomes it’s associated with. There are three in total right now, and each one must be raised from Tadpoles in a certain biome to mature into that color. The kind of frog you have will depend on what biome they reach adulthood in. Frogs and tadpoles only spawn naturally in Swamp and Mangrove Swamp biomes.

You then need to worry about feeding them. There are a couple of things that frogs will eat in Minecraft, but only one item that you can actually give to them.  They won’t just randomly eat anything. Their primary diet is based on one item, Seagrass. This is a placeholder from pre-1.19 versions of the game. The later versions of the game use Slimeballs as a food source. So be sure to check which build you’re playing before you try to breed or tame frogs in Minecraft. You can cut seagrass from the obvious plants in the ocean, use some sheers to do so. The other option is to use Slime balls and Magma Cubes (the smaller ones) as a food source for growing frogs. That’s the key to getting each of the Pearlescent, Ochre, and Verdant Froglights in Minecraft.

How to get Froglights in Minecraft

Getting Froglights in Minecraft is one of many different tasks you need to complete, depending on your own goals.

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It’s the feeding process that’s important. After the Frog sticks out its tongue and swallows the enemy, a Froglight block will drop onto the ground for you to pick up. Each type of frog must  eat a small Magma Cube to be able to spawn a froglight. That means you need to feed one to each of the types of frogs. This is where that hard work comes in.

Here’s the breakdown of each froglight by frog type:

  • Temperate Frogs (orange) will spit out Ochre Froglights
  • Warm Frogs (gray) spit out the bright purple Pearlescent Froglights
  • Cold Frogs (green) will spit out Verdant green Froglights
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