How to make Mossy Stone Bricks in Minecraft

How to make Mossy Stone Bricks in Minecraft

Minecraft loves to give gamers creative freedom to build and explore randomly generated worlds. The sheer number of enemies, hidden treasures and other challenges you will face is tons of fun. Along with all of that, there’s the added layer of creativity. Players can build their own sprawling fortresses and towns, or even recreate legendary fantasy lands. To do that, you need a bunch of different kinds of blocks. Mossy Stone Bricks are just one of many block types you can use. Here’s what you need to know about making them.

How to make Mossy Stone Bricks in Minecraft

For starters, you need a few things to make Mossy Stone Bricks in Minecraft. For one thing, you need stone bricks. And you need a lot of them. These are different from regular Cobblestone or Stone, and involve a bit of work to get. You will also need some iron to make Shears to harvest the Vines. Once you have the shears, head out into a world and look for the green plants. You can often find vines hanging from trees and structures in either the Jungle biome or the Swamp biome.

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Getting Stone Bricks in Minecraft

You can get them via mining or via crafting. Stone bricks can be mined using any pickaxe. If mined without a pickaxe, they drop nothing. The two best places to find naturally occurring Stone Brick are underground Fortresses and above-ground Jungle Temples. They can also generate as part of Ocean Ruins. Igloo basements are often lined with them as well.

If you choose to go the crafting route, it’s actually pretty easy. You need cobblestone, so a cobblestone generator is a good investment. Once you have a good supply of cobblestone, it’s time to make the stone you’re going to use. When you bake a piece of cobblestone, it turns into stone. Take four cooked stone and place them into a crafting grid in a 2×2 square. This will create four stone bricks for your use.

Once you have the stone bricks, you just need to combine them with the vines to make Mossy Stone Bricks.

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