How to Make Arrows in Elden Ring

Where to Find the Meteorite Staff in Elden Ring

As you level up and get stronger in Elden Ring, there’s going to be other tasks you need to get done. Runes in Elden Ring are just like Souls and Blood Echoes from the previous games. As you gain more from defeating powerful enemies, you go up in levels. Those levels can help you power up some interesting class combinations. The game sure does offer players a lot of customization options. Builds can be pretty varied. But the three big RPG archetypes are there. There’s the melee bruiser, the spellslinger mage, and the dextrous archer. But if you choose a ranged build, like the Samurai, you’re going to need ammo. For most of the ranged weapons in the game, you need arrows. Here’s what you need to build them.

How to Make Arrows in Elden Ring

But to make arrows, you have to have the materials. The basic bone arrows are made from Thin Beast Bones, harvested from various enemies as drops.

You also need to get your hands on the crafting system. To unlock crafting in Elden Ring, you need to purchase a Crafting Kit from the NPC Merchant Kale in Church of Elleh.  Once you have that, you gain the option to make various items. Players must then explore the world for recipes.

You must acquire the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook to make them. There are 14 total versions of this item. The first few are gained for Runes from the same NPC merchant above. You can also learn how to make Poisonbone Arrows from the merchant over the bridge in Saintsbridge.  As for the basic one, just head to Kale and buy the book. In exchange for the 500 Runes you can get a few different recipes. With that cookbook, you can make Bone Arrows, Fletched Bone Arrows, and Bone Bolts. You can learn additional recipes, like making arrows, by purchasing or finding cookbooks. These are scattered all over the world, and can be found commonly in dungeons and boss chests.

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If you’re playing and enjoying the game, good for you! You might have questions though, so we have some guides to help you out. When making a character, picking the right class is important. Figure out how to level up your character once you’re in the game. From there, you might want to learn how to upgrade gear, or maybe how to find powerful weapons, like the Meteorite Staff.

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