How to make an Ice Box in Icarus

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Icarus is a new survival game that occupies a similar genre space to the likes of ARK: Survival Evolved. You get plopped onto a remote location and have to survive. You need to build shelter, find food and more. But when you get to more advanced tools and shelter, you need more than just sticks and plant fibers. And that applies to more than just tools. There’s much better food than cooked meat and fish.

How to make an Ice Box in Icarus

The problem with all that advanced food, like Flatbread and Bread, is that you need an Ice Box in Icarus to keep it fresh. Well, actually not the Dough, but you can keep other stuff cold.

Wood can be gathered from Trees with your bare hands, making it easy to get in the early game. Once you have a few basic outposts up and a steady supply of Iron, you can work on getting an Ice Box. The item uses a few basic materials. The Iron can be gathered from caves, and then smelted with coal, to make Ingots. You will need a lot of this throughout the game, so you can never have too much.

Here are the items you need to make an Ice Box in Icarus:

  • 40 Wood
  • 24 Leather
  • 8 Iron Ingot

Leather is the hardest thing of these to get. You can harvest leather from dead animals with any of the Knives in the game. The most basic knife can be unlocked at Tier 1, and uses the following materials.

  • 2 Fiber
  • 2 Stick
  • 4 Stone

How to get Ice in Icarus

Ice in Icarus can be harvested in two ways. A shovel, made from 4x Wood and 6x Iron Ingot, is the better option. You can also grab small chunks of Ice from snow, but the shovel is better. Go out and find Snow in Arctic Biomes to get Ice. Take the ice back and place it in the Ice Box to keep it cool. The shovel is a Tier 2 item, so be sure to research it first. Ice can also be melted on a campfire to produce water.

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