How to link your accounts for progression and saves in MLB The Show 22

How to link your accounts for cross-saves in MLB The Show 22

Cross-platform play is hugely important in the modern era of video games. The availability of multiple versions on different consoles often means that some gamers have a reason to change versions. But you don’t want to lose that important save data, so account linking takes care of that. By linking console accounts to your MLB The Show 22 account, you can easily switch between versions. Keep in mind that each version is unique, so you may not be able to go back and transfer your save once you’ve swapped to a new console.

This system allows you to move your progress to a new console if you plan to switch over. You might want to do this if friends are playing on a different platform. It’s a very easy process, as it’s done on the game’s main website. Here is how you can link your various console accounts to your MLB The Show 22 account to any PC or supported console account, and take it with you.

How to link your accounts for cross-saves in MLB The Show 22

The process is very simple, as Sony has done things like this before. You basically need to make a publisher account for the game, then link your game accounts to it. First, go to the MLB The Show website. In the top right corner of the screen, click My Account. You will need to create a new account if you don’t have one. If you made one for last year, you can just use that one. From there, you’re almost done.

Now you just need to log into your account and select the Dashboard. After you have made your account on the website, you will be given a selection of the various accounts for the game. Each option links to a certain platform. So if you want to move your save to Xbox, you need to pick the relevant option. You can also link up to Twitch from here as well. Just go through and login to the various external services to complete the link for each desired account.

This is all very similar to the way previous years handled cross-platform progression. It’s a great thing to be able to move your save over to a new platform if you plan to buy the game more than once. If you’re a superfan who would like to take your game on the go, there’s a Switch version in the works. As of now, there’s no way to link with your Nintendo account, but everyone expects there to be. When that feature does get added, you will need to use the guide above to find the option on the external site, following the directions from there.

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