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How to kill the Condrix in Warframe’s Operation Scarlet Spear

How to kill the Condrix in Warframe’s Operation Scarlet Spear

The Condrix in Warframe’s Operation Scarlet Spear is the final boss as the Ground Assault part of the new in-game event’s raid. Operation Scarlet Spear focuses on the Tenno and various other in-game factions in their efforts to combat the Sentients in their war to finally eliminate the Tenno. The latest offensive represented by this in-game event wraps up both a space battle using the new Railjacks from Empyrean and a new boss battle sequence in a Ground Assault mission.

The final boss of the Ground Assault mission is a Sentient warmachine called Condrix and it’s not an easy bugger to kill. But it’s something that has to be done as it holds the Kill Code your comrades in space need to win the battle that this raid represents.

The ground battle is split into three main phases, with a damage cap and gated health bar for the main boss. As soon as the Condrix takes enough damage to move from one phase to the next, it will enter an inevitability state and you will have to fight a mini-boss or wave of Sentient enemies. The Aerolyst is one of the more interesting mini-bosses you will fight here.

The Condrix in Warframe is also protected by adaptable waves of Sentients that change their tactics based on the damage you hit them with, be sure your party has a good mix of damage types.

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The best damage to apply to the Ferrite Armor of the boss is pretty standard, with the armor being weak to Corrosive and Puncture.  Luckily since the Condrix shares some enemy types with the Aerolyst most damage types for both boss fights will work. Although with the Condrix, Viral, Toxin, and Slash damage work a bit better once you strip the armor off.

The big problem with this fight is that the raid boss will scale its health values over time commiserate with the damage being put out by your party. So eventually you will hit a wall that means you will have to bail out when your DPS isn’t high enough to break through its tank. This means that even though the fight isn’t too complex, it will take some getting used to with cycling in and out of the fight to refit and bring in fresh DPS.

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