How to Kill Skeletons in Elden Ring

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Elden Ring has a lot of different enemies and bosses to fight. The game is filled with challenges, having a lot of hidden areas to explore, and there’s a lot of hidden elements to uncover. As you venture throughout the Lands Between, various foes and mysterious stories will be uncovered. Some are easy to deal with, others take some effort. However, there are some enemies that are simply more annoying than others. The skeleton, for instance, pose a hidden danger.

In previous Souls games, there was always a trick to getting rid of these annoying enemies. Some games had them tied to summoners that would always bring them back when you destroy them. This made it much harder to get into some areas as Skeletons were everywhere. They posed a pretty big threat, as they often refused to die until you took out their controller. There’s something similar happening in Elden Ring. Keep reading to learn how to kill Skeletons in Elden Ring.

How to Kill Skeletons in Elden Ring

Your first encounter with these annoying foes is likely to be the Catacombs found in Limgrave, which has several groups outside of it. There are both ranged and melee variants, and they can be pretty annoying. Much like the older games, Skeletons in Elden Ring come back to life after a short delay. If you defeat them and they break apart, they aren’t dead yet. Keep in mind that there are both bow-wielding and magic-user variants you will have to deal with. These will often need to be closed in on before you can take them out, stay mobile.

The best way to defeat Skeletons in Elden Ring is to keep hitting them. Yes, really, you just need to hit them until they fall to pieces, then hit them one additional time. When you do this, a ghostly white smoke will drift from the chunks of their remains, this is the signal that they’re down for good. Just remember, open-world enemies and non-boss enemies in dungeons will respawn, so they aren’t technically gone forever.

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There is one other way to deal with them. The Skeletons have a unique vulnerability to Holy damage. f you have your hands on the Ash of War called Sacred Blade, you can use it to defeat the skeleton like any other enemy. That’s a pretty big bonus for some builds. But not all builds will have access to the Sorceries or Holy Damage weapons that can take this route. For most players, you just have to smack their disassembled corpses one extra time.

For most players, there’s also the challenge of not getting overwhelmed. If you can separate some skeletons from the group and take them on one at a time, that’s even better when trying to deal with them. That’s all you need to do, and you will be able to overcome these irritating enemies.

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