How to Kill a Cryptid in Fallout 76

How to find and kill a Cryptid in Fallout 76

Cryptid are a real-world phenomenon that is the common source of many folk tales. Some dictionaries and encyclopedias define the term “cryptid” as an animal whose existence is unsubstantiated. In folklore, they feature many different iterations, but they are often regarded as little than myth by most people. That hasn’t stopped them from featuring heavily in fiction, particularly of the horror kind. Cryptids even appear in video games quite regularly. And even Bethesda wants to get in on the spooky fun, as they have added a bunch of varieties of Cryptid in Fallout 76.

How to Kill a Cryptid in Fallout 76

These are the many Cryptids you can choose to hunt down in Fallout 76. Each one brings its own challenging encounter, so come loaded for bear. Although in this case the bear is much more spooky. Every day there’s a chance you get the “Kill a Cryptid” challenge for a nice reward. Sometimes it will be for just one, other times you may get tasked with taking down five of the beasts. Each of the Cryptids can be used to complete this challenge. Any event spawns can also count, so you don’t have to hunt down a specific  Cryptid in Fallout 76.

As for taking them down, they’re very easy to take down if you have power armor and good weapons. Any mid-to-high level players will have no trouble.

Where to find a Cryptid

Here are the kinds of Cryptid in Fallout 76 you can encounter. We also included known spawn locations for each one.

Flatwoods Monster

  • Abbie’s Bunker in the
  • The Forest to the West of Wilson Brothers’ Auto Repair
  • Across the river from Dyer Chemical in the Mire

 Grafton Monster

  • Whitespring Resort garden area
  • Near Hemlock Holes in the Toxic Valley
  • Near the Charleston Trainyard just outside of Charleston


  • The Enclave Research Facility, formerly Transmission Station 1AT-U03 in the Forest just south of Tyler County Dirt Track.
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  • Creekside Sundew Grove in the Cranberry Bog
  • Near Vault 96 in the Savage Divide
  • Near Welch in the Ash Heap
  • The road south of the Scenic Overlook in the Savage Divide


  • Toxic Larry’s Meat ‘n Go in the Savage Divide
  • Near Hemlock Holes in the Toxic Valley
  • The Flooded Trainyard in the Cranberry Bog


  • The unmarked location Sunken Church in the Mire
  • Willard Corporate Housing in the Toxic Valley
  • Drop Site C2 in the Cranberry Bog

Depending on where you are on the map, there are two monsters that are easier to hunt down. The level doesn’t appear to matter for the challenge, so once you know where to look it can be pretty easy to finish this quest.

The Grafton Monster is usually pretty easy to take down. They often spawn in the Toxic Valley area. There’s a level 10 one that spawns by the power plant to the west. Use the list above to find other spawns.

The other option is the Snallygaster. These can spawn in a few different locales. You can of course also find them over by the Poseidon Energy Plant. Just head inside and take it down. Run along the canals in this area and there should be two or three Snallygasts that spawn there. The Toxic Dried lakebed is another spawn location for it. Just south of there is Grafton itself, where Cryptids in Fallout 76 can spawn as well.

So now that you know where to look, get out there and hunt down some monsters.

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