How to Invite Friends in Guilty Gear Strive

How to Invite Friends in Guilty Gear Strive

The fighting game scene has evolved in 2021, while online play has become an accepted norm, some still like to game with their friends. If you want to practice the new game with your friends, you have to invite them to a lobby. And with a new fighting game on the block, everyone wants to play together. Guilty Gear Strive allows players to invite certain folks into their lobbies. Here’s how to invite friends in Guilty Gear Strive.

When you want to bring friends into the game, you can do that. There is also matchmaking if that’s your thing. Normally, when you start up a matchmaking session, the skill system places you in the queue with players around your skill level. If you don’t want that, you have to go through these steps.

How to Invite Friends in Guilty Gear Strive

Go from the main menu when you first boot up the game and select Player Match. This will create a private lobby that you are then placed into. You can alter settings for matches according to various settings. If you want shorter matches, you can do that from the Player Match menus.

There’s also an option to browse Player Match rooms. Private rooms and public rooms will both show up on this list. Each room is identified by the randomized strings that you can use to search for a specific room. When you create your room, you can send your ID code to the players that you want to game with. They will then need to go into the room browser and input that code. Once your room comes up, they can join and you can game together from there.

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