How to increase your playing time in NHL 22

How to do the Wrist Shot in NHL 22

The Be a Pro mode in NHL 22 can be kind of intimidating for new players. The mode is a more advanced career mode in the hockey sim, and players looking to build a superstar player will enjoy it. Being out on the rink isn’t a guarantee though, as you have to prove yourself. Getting some actual playing time in NHL 22 can only be done if you’re a good player. Let’s go over some tips that you should keep in mind.

Your star has various stats that affect how much they get to play. To a lesser extent, your overall talent on the ice means you get to play more. The best things to keep improving, aside from general skill with the puck, are stats like Management Likeability. Those really wishing to min-max the process should aim to improve their line score by any means necessary.

The biggest thing you can do is perform well in your games. Yes, it seems simple, but is actually kind of complex to do. The biggest thing to pay attention to is the random events that occur during games. Occasionally, you will get Contextual Challenges that pop off. These are randomized challenges that your player should complete. They can be things like scoring certain goals or taking down certain opponents. If you finish them, your rating in the game goes up, doing poorly or failing to complete challenges will drop your line score—and your playtime.

Being a solid passer and scorer can help a lot as well. It’s also a very good idea to take the time to familiarize yourself with the shot types for NHL 22.

Let’s go over some of the controls you will need to know to skate and shoot in NHL 22:

Move Xbox Controls PlayStation Controls
Skating/Shot & Pass Aim L (Any direction) Left Stick (Any direction)
Hustle LS (Press and hold) L3 (Press and hold)
Glide L (Release) Left Stick (Release)
Vision Control LT (Hold) L2 (Hold)
Protect Puck A (Hold) X (Hold)
Wind Up + Shoot R (Down) + R (Up) Right Stick (Down) + Right Stick (Up)
Fake Shot R (Down (Release)) Right Stick (Down (Release))
Pass RT R2
Pass (Higher Strength) RT (Hold) R2 (Hold)
Saucer Pass RB R1
Deke (Put puck on Backhand or Forehand) RS (Left or Right) Right Stick (Left or Right)
One Touch Deke L + LB Left Stick + L1
Spin LT L2
Leg Kick RS (Press and hold) R3 (Press and hold)
Dump Puck RB + R (Up) R1 + Right Stick (Up)
Chop Puck RS (Press and hold) + R R3 (Press and hold) + Right Stick
Quick Plays D-Pad D-Pad
Line Change B/X Circle/Square
Boardplay [Near Boards] Y (Hold) Triangle (Hold)
Reverse Hit/Brace A X

So now that you know what to do,

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